Diana Netaneel Caitilin,

Studied Fashion and retail design. Netaneel is from baptism name and Caitilin is mean Diana from other language. A girl who love Fashion and make her world like a runway. Confidant and passionate about styling and design. 

Love fashion like she love her self, has a big dream in fashion industry and little dream to be a photographer with her small camera  so she can travel around the world to share her passion and style about fashion. Always love to learn about cultures from another country and dying to explore all the country with rich culture.

Not a slave to fashion cause i'm not really following the trend. I just wearing what i like to wear and feel comfortable about it. My style is really depends on my mood. I love to mix between a classic, edgy and minimalist look. Sometimes i wear hand-me-downs and think it's look good, not because my sister give it to me but i just like to wear her clothes. 
Call me Diiiyn

CallmeDiiiyn's started around febuary2010, a fashion diary from one girl who like fashion and photography and want to share it to other people who like fashion just like her.